Monday, May 30, 2011

Chibi Eyeshield 21


This month I already finished the Eyeshield 21 Anime series. And the story line is so great from the friendship to hardship that they encounter by their team the "Deimon Devil Bat Football Team", to the light speed effects that are very fantastic and emotional. And of course I created an chibi version of the lead character behind the eyeshield helmet, no other than SENA KOBAYAKAWA. Sena is a type of student that short and always bullied but because of being weak and always try to avoid the dangers, he practiced his running without knowing that it is important skill in a football sports which is why the captain of devil bats also had an interest with his skill that he forcefully entered to it to become their new members. And sena is become their RUNNING BACK but hide his true identity! So that's it! Try to see the anime and you will definitely like it too!

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Glayra said...

maninuod jud si Eker bah.. :]