Friday, September 3, 2010

CGING Practice

Still practicing in character shading in Photoshop. And try to read more tutorial in hair section because I really sucks with this part! Huhu!


By the way this is my own styled fanart for Natsuki-chan which is a character of the movie of Summer Wars! Oh yeah!


Dady Long Legs said...

Lets drink to that fancy skill of yours ker..i love the eyes BTW..

hope you can visit and comment to my latest post too..have some health tips there..^_^


Plate of Dady Long Legs

Glayra said...

artista naman au ni nmagcomment c lee uie... :))

Nice ker!

The Rice Creator said...

@lee: doh! bisaya-a lang gud koh! hehehe! thanks!

@glay: thanks madam glay for the visit!

Dady Long Legs said...

Gla, about wine man gud me post the time na nagcomment ko so i used the Drink chuchu..^_^

murag mas taas man tog hair c natsuki doh..heheh..

The Rice Creator said...

aw nagpaputol naman siya og hair doh! heheh!

karen said...

hawda ani uie..

aw Late kaau ko mocomment..


Mus said...

Master, unsa brush imo gamit ani?

Joan Brown said...

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